System Builder

SystemBuilder 5.1 is a comprehensive Applications System Environment. It contains powerful fourth generation (4GL) language tools to build applications in a fraction of the time it would take using conventional 3GL languages. It caters for serious programmers as well as users who do not understand computer programming.

SystemBuilder also has a complete Runtime environment in which your applications are run, containing comprehensive security, office automation (diary/time management system, electronic mail, calculator) and all necessary administrative functions.

SystemBuilder uses all the latest techniques of pull-down and pop-up menus, windows, function keys, Action Bars, and the kind of interface that users have become accustomed to in the PC DOS world. It is designed to get you around the system in the easiest manner using the least number of keystrokes.

Navigation around the system is by use of arrow keys, or function keys, or by highlighted menu option letter. Functions may also be invoked from any input prompt.

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